Hyatt’s FIND Experiences are back, and you can earn up to 17 points per dollar

Travel involves more than just your hotel room and a flight or train to your destination. What are you going to do at your destination?

Hyatt’s FIND Experiences provide more than 200 options for things to do on vacation or during your next staycation. And the good news is that FIND Experiences are back after a multi-year hiatus related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s a look at what Hyatt’s FIND Experiences are and how you can earn or redeem points for these experiences — even if you aren’t staying at a Hyatt hotel.

Hyatt’s FIND Experiences

There are three categories of FIND Experiences, each focused on personal well-being:

  • Feel: These are experiences “for your mind” that focus on mental stimulation or relaxation.
  • Fuel: These experiences are for your body and include food and drinks — whether cooking, eating or both.
  • Function: These are activity-based experiences.
Some of the least expensive FIND Experiences currently available. HYATT.COM

You can participate in FIND Experiences even if you aren’t staying at one of Hyatt’s hotel brands. Many of the experiences aren’t even connected to a Hyatt property. Over 200 experiences are available around the globe, including in more than 30 countries.

Options include a Mayan meditation in Cancun, Mexico, tickets to Broadway plays in New York City and walking tours in numerous locales. There are more unique experiences, as well, like a castaway survival experience in the Maldives, cooking classes involving local foods in several countries, numerous private tours and even experiences led by local Indigenous guides.

FIND Experiences can cost as little as $15 per person. But, as you can see below, some cost much more.

Some of the more expensive FIND Experiences currently available. HYATT.COM

Hyatt says members will soon be able to bid in limited-time auctions for select experiences.

Earning and redeeming Hyatt points

The good news is that World of Hyatt members can earn and redeem points for FIND Experiences.

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When paying for FIND Experiences, members earn 10 points per dollar — double the number of points earned on stays at Hyatt properties. Depending on your elite status with Hyatt, you can earn up to 30% more points, meaning you would earn 13 points per dollar as a Globalist.

If you pay with the World of Hyatt Credit Card or World of Hyatt Business Credit Card, you’ll earn 4 points per dollar on these purchases. That means Globalists can earn 17 points per dollar on FIND Experiences when paying with a Hyatt credit card.

And if you’re striving for lifetime status with Hyatt, you’ll appreciate that spending on FIND Experiences counts toward lifetime status.

It’s also worth pointing out that members can choose a $150 credit toward FIND Experiences as part of Hyatt’s milestone rewards. This benefit is available after 40 nights with Hyatt during a calendar year.

If you’d prefer to redeem Hyatt points for these experiences, you can do so. Redemptions start at just 1,000 points. On average, you can redeem points at a rate of 1.4 cents apiece. That’s slightly below TPG’s valuation for Hyatt points, but it can make sense when offsetting an expensive tour on which you’d prefer to save cash.

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Bottom line

Deciding what to do on your next vacation can sometimes be complex. Numerous websites and services can tell you about the possibilities. However, if you’re looking for curated experiences or want to book a guided activity, that’s where options like Hyatt’s FIND Experiences can be useful. A nice bonus is that you can earn and redeem Hyatt points on these experiences.

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