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Why did Nintendo hide Chris Pratt’s pitch perfect voice for the Mario movie?

When we first heard Chris Pratt’s Mario voice in the initial trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, it didn’t sound like Charles Martinet’s iconic Mario voice at all. But in a new interview to promote the film, Pratt busted out a Mario voice that actually sounds almost exactly like what you hear in the Nintendo games.

Just listen to Pratt’s “wahoo” and “it’s-a me” yourself in this video from BBC’s The One Show:

They’re so good, right? Originally, I was extremely disappointed with Pratt’s Mario voice, especially after he had promised that it would be “unlike anything you’ve heard in the Mario world before.” Turns out that it can be just like what we’ve already been hearing in the Mario world for years.

I’m relieved to hear that Pratt actually can do a great Mario voice, especially because the brief tidbits we’ve heard of the rest of the voice cast have been dead on as well. (I’m particularly fond of Keegan-Michael Key’s Toad.) The movie premieres on April 5th, and I can’t wait to see Mario and Luigi, uh, sliving.

Update March 17th, 2:01PM ET: Added tweet from the movie’s Twitter account.

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