Twitter discontinues ad-free articles for Blue subscribers

In the coming weeks, we’ll be launching an update to Twitter Blue.

In the course of this work, we have made the decision to discontinue Ad-free Articles, effective as of close of business today, October 31, 2022. This hard decision will allow us to focus our resources on adding additional value for our members. Expect to hear more from us soon.

We are attaching an official notice of termination of notice of the service, as well as termination of the associated Publisher Agreement, given that the service underlying the agreement is no longer active. As noted in further detail below, you do not need to take any action, and you will receive all Publisher Participation payments earned by you up to the date of termination.

What’s happening?

Starting tomorrow, we will stop displaying the “Twitter Blue Publisher” label on any Tweets containing your articles. We will no longer be sending a Twitter Blue token when people on Twitter access articles from your properties. This will prevent the ad-free experience on your site from loading. There is no change required from your end, but feel free to remove any Twitter Blue code from your site.

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