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Super Meat Boy is getting a Puyo Puyo-style puzzle spinoff

The next title in the ultra-hard Super Meat Boy series is going to be, of all things, a puzzle game. The new game, Dr. Fetus’ Mean Meat Machine, is a match-four puzzler that’s clearly inspired by Sega’s Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, but it will have some Super Meat Boy-esque flair.

“As you’re trying to get your color-coded clones to the bottom of the screen and build combos, you’ll have to deal with buzzsaws, missiles and a host of other hazards primed to destroy your clones if you don’t play with the precision that the Super Meat Boy series has always demanded,” Team Meat’s Tommy Refenes said in a blog post. Sounds, uh, brutal. The game will have more than 100 hand-built levels “filled with hazards and traps that will test your puzzle mind along with your finger reflexes,” according to Refenes.

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