LG’s 48-inch A2 OLED is still just $570 at Best Buy

Having an OLED 4K TV on your wish list used to be a dream that few could afford to make come true, but that’s not the case anymore. If you’re looking for something in the $600 range, Best Buy has the 48-inch LG A2 for $569.99. The previous-gen A1 never dropped so low in price, so it’s great to see that this special discount has stuck around for the past couple of weeks. This OLED TV is one of Best Buy’s top early Black Friday deals, and it’s eligible for the retailer’s extended holiday return period that lasts until January 14th, 2023.

We haven’t tested the A2, but we know that it’s positioned at the bottom of LG’s OLED lineup, below the B2 and C2. The main spec difference between the A2 and pricier models is its standard 60Hz refresh rate and its lack of HDMI 2.1 ports for gaming in 4K at fast refresh rates. Those are features reserved for the B2 and up. Still, the A2 is a showcase of what OLED is capable of, including the most realistic black levels, great viewing angles, and splashy contrast. The review site Rtings.com says that the A2 gets brighter than the A1, though not as bright as the C2 that has LG’s new for 2022 Evo OLED panel.

Stock of this 2020 iPad Air has depleted at almost every major retailer, so it might be worth picking this up if you’ve been considering a new iPad. This deal spurred some fun chatter in The Verge’s Slack, especially about how it compares to the new 10th-gen iPad. For $100 less, this iPad Air has similar specs, plus compatibility with the superior second-gen Apple Pencil. Read our review of the 2020 iPad Air.

Nvidia announced a limited-time discount on a subscription to its GeForce Now cloud game streaming service. The Priority tier is just $29.99 for six months, compared to $49.99. This tier offers 1080p / 60 frames per second gameplay, six-hour game sessions (compared to just one-hour sessions for the free tier), and access to a faster virtual gaming PC that can display ray-traced graphics. This promotion will last until November 20th.

In case you aren’t aware, GeForce Now lets you remotely play games that you own on Steam, Epic Games Store, and Ubisoft Connect through one cloud streaming portal. You can launch the app (available on Android, Google TV, ChromeOS, PC, macOS, and some smart TVs) and access them over Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Connecting via ethernet will give you the best results, but I’ve had good experiences with streaming via Wi-Fi.

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