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New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers is a ‘big fan’ of Taylor Swift

Aaron Rodgers won’t just be playing home football games at MetLife Stadium —he’ll also be in attendance for Taylor Swift’s Memorial Day Weekend show at the East Rutherford, N.J. venue.

Appearing on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio, Rodgers mentioned the concert as one of the many events — including Mets and Yankee games, and Broadway shows — he plans to partake in now that he’s in the Tri-State area.

“Oh for sure, of course,” Rodgers told Adam Schein after the host asked if the Gang Green QB will be at the Eras Tour’s stop in the Meadowlands.

“I’m a fan, I’m a big fan,” Ayahuasca Aaron, 39 added, noting that he’ll be going with friends “in his age group.”

The former Green Bay Packers signal-caller said he loves Swift’s Folklore and the album track “August.”

Aaron loves Jersey Shore, never got into The Sopranos

Yesterday, I wrote about A-Aron, who tweaked his right calf during practice, learning about the Garden State through viewings of Jersey Shore.

While Rodgers told Schein he loves classic mob movies — The Godfather, Casino, and Goodfellas — he admitted he never got into the HBO classic, The Sopranos.

He instead preferred to watch other programming, including Ari Gold, Vinny Chase, and co.

“I just, I’m kind of a one-show-at-a-time type of guy,” Rodgers said. “And I think there was, that was the time I guess I feel like ‘Lost’ was going on maybe during that time and ‘Entourage’ and some other things.

“…I don’t watch a lot of TV. I don’t, I just didn’t have the time to kind of binge that show. But I mean, I bet I’d love it, because it’s one of the iconic shows of our generation,” he added.

Rodgers is at least endearing himself to Jersey residents with his music choices, telling Schein he loves Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi.

After all, “Livin’ on a Prayer” is the late-night anthem of drunk NJ girls in clubs and bars.

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