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Trump’s Reacts To DeSantis’s Failure To Launch By Bragging About His Bigger ‘Red Button’

The Republican Party sure has some super candidates.

Wednesday night, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis attempted to launch his official campaign on Elon Musk’s right-wing Twitter spaces to much fail, which prompted the front-runner Donald Trump to brag about his red button being bigger than DeSantis’, which doesn’t work, according to Kim Jong Un.

Former president Donald Trump reacted to Ron DeSantis’ rocky campaign launch by writing that his “Red Button” is “bigger, better, stronger and is working” and “yours does not!” per Trump’s “conversation with Kim Jung Un, of North Korea, soon to become my friend!”

On his social media company, Trump wrote:

“Rob,” My Red Button is bigger, better, stronger, and is working (TRUTH!), yours does not! (per my conversation with Kim Jung Un, of North Korea, soon to become my friend!).

We can only hope this was a phallic reference and not a nuclear reference. One can’t be sure with Donald Trump, which is how he continues to get away with saying outrageous things that don’t belong in normal public political discourse.

This was followed just minutes ago by a video of Space X exploding as it fell to the ground, with “Ron 2024” over it:

DeSantis’ launch was a pretty abysmal failure, from not working for the first part (with “Failure to launch” and “DeSaster” trending) until finally it started working and it ended up being… all about Elon and Twitter.

Sure, DeSantis got in his punches and the white bros all laughed at the “elites” (the launch, once it finally got going, was hosted by the second richest man in the world, on a media platform he owns) and the “media bubble” that doesn’t understand how DeSantis thinks he is for Black people (not kidding).

Trump’s supporters are already attacking DeSantis on Twitter, with “Sorry, Ron” trending.

As we back away slowly from this mess, Donald Trump is bragging about his red button and saying that North Korea’s Kim Jong-un knows DeSantis’ red button doesn’t work and the dictator is soon to be Trump’s friend. So that bodes well for America.

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