Trump Wants Mitch McConnell Impeached, But Senators Can’t Be Impeached

The war between Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump isn’t anything new. McConnell is furious (and has been for a long time) that he has to sweat out next week in a 50-50 coin flip over control of the U.S. Senate based on Trump’s “loyalty picks.” Meanwhile, Trump says McConnell has a DEATH WISH because he happens to make deals in the U.S. Senate. So it’s not unusual or surprising to hear that Trump wants McConnell impeached, but it’s noteworthy to hear Trump say he thinks “they” have something on McConnell.

“They” have something on him?

In this context, it seems as though Trump is accusing the Democrats of governing by kompromat, “having something” over your opponent (McConnell) and using it to get over the debt ceiling. This is absurd on every level. The country is struggling economically. If the Republicans shut the government down, it would put further stress on the economy, and McConnell would bear all the blame. If the Democrats wanted to govern using “kompromat,” they surely would’ve used it over the joint committee investigation, or Build Back Better, something – not the debt ceiling.

But it is interesting that Trump leaps to kompromat as the explanation. There is no reason to go down a rabbit hole without proof. Conspiracy theories are the work of the MAGAs. But more than one serious person has floated the theory that Russia had kompromat over Trump (The New Yorker), and that Trump liked to collect Kompromat over others (Business Insider). The two examples listed were merely the first two articles on the subject, with dozens from reputable sources that followed. Again, there is no point in speculating who had what. It is interesting that Trump lept to suggest someone has something on McConnell as if it’s an obvious explanation.

Oh, and Senators cannot be impeached. They can be expelled from the Senate but not impeached by the House with a Senate trial. But that doesn’t bother Trump, either. To the extent that McConnell is bothered, it’s that Trump won’t keep his mouth shut.


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