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Stormy Daniels Agrees To Be A Criminal Witness Against Trump

The attorney for Stormy Daniels said that she appeared before the grand jury, and she has agreed to be a witness if Trump is indicted.

The statement:

If Trump is indicted, this case will be media catnip. It has everything. The case features a cover-up, an affair, hush money, and a crime. The value of this case should not be minimized. A man running for president who was in a very close election paid hush money to someone who he had an affair with to keep them quiet so that it wouldn’t damage his campaign.

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The behavior described above is a crime.

Trump knew that he was committing a crime, which is why he didn’t write a check himself to Stormy Daniels but instead tried to launder the payment through Michael Cohen.

An indictment on the hush money payment is the case that has the potential to bring Trump the most embarrassment and political damage.

The trial could reveal all sorts of embarrassing details about Donald Trump.

None of this will matter to MAGAs or maybe even most Republicans, but it has the potential to change the narrative of the 2024 election and render Trump even more unelectable than he already is.

If this case was nothing, Trump would not be so worried about it.

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