Sen. Mike Lee Caught on Tape Admitting Republicans Plan To End Social Security

The video below is not new. Indeed, it appears to be from some swank fundraiser in 2010. The video is not even new in the 2022 mid-term election in that it appears it was out in mid-October. The video is new, as shown on MSNBC and flying all over the internet today. Depending on how fast Democrats can get this video everywhere, it could be devastating to Republicans. After all, only the top 5% in wealth want to see the end of Social Security (Which isn’t even part of the budget) and Medicare (Which is). It is a gamechanger:

It shouldn’t “just” be spread everywhere for Mike Lee to lose. It should be spread everywhere as demonstrative of what Republicans will do if they ever have the power to do so. Mike Lee, Mehmet Oz, Blake Masters, Herschel Walker… they are all running this year in order to be ensconced in the Senate in 2024 when we can’t know who will be president. We do know what they want.

And Lee’s opponent, the non-MAGA Evan McMullin, pounced, surely wanting it seen by people everywhere.

The video exploded on Twitter:

There are so many more, but one can simply click any of the above to get them. The MAGAs that replied to tweets pointed out that the video is “old,” and it hasn’t happened yet. But there is absolutely “new” talk today about Republicans wanting to do away with Social Security and Medicare. In fact, from yesterday’s New York Times:

Congressional Republicans, eyeing a midterm election victory that could hand them control of the House and the Senate, have embraced plans to reduce federal spending on Social Security and Medicare, including cutting benefits for some retirees and raising the retirement age for both safety net programs.

So, what’s old is new again. Or, it is just the Republicans who have always sought to strip mine the federal budget and get that money into private hands.


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