Republicans Plan To Fight Inflation By Investigating Biden

Republicans are admitting that they have no plan to fight inflation and are going to spend their time investigating Biden.

The Washington Post reported:

The flurry of investigations could lead to impeachment proceedings against one or more administration officials or even the president himself. While in the minority, some House Republicans have already introduced articles of impeachment targeting Biden, Vice President Harris, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and other Cabinet officials. There are also plans to subpoena former New York governor Andrew M. Cuomo (D) over his handling of covid-19.


Some more right-wing Republican members, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), have called for impeaching Biden, and the planned investigation into his son could be one avenue into that outcome. Greene introduced articles of impeachment against Biden last year that accused him of abusing his office when he was vice president because his son was simultaneously on the board of a Ukrainian energy company. Other impeachment proposals have targeted the withdrawal in Afghanistan, Biden’s border policies and his handling of energy policy. (Harris’s impeachment threat was also over the Afghanistan withdrawal.)

Republicans are already admitting that they won’t be able to pass legislation into law with Biden and his trusty veto pen at the ready. In fact, outside of taking the US economy hostage and investigating Biden, there is very little that House Republicans will be able to do with their potential majority.

Kevin McCarthy has been running around the country promising that he will end inflation, but the reality is that the Republican plan to end inflation is to investigate President Biden, which will do nothing to lower inflation.

Republicans are setting themselves up to fail even if they win the House.

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