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Biden Destroys Ron DeSantis In New Campaign Video

President Biden wrecked Ron DeSantis with a 16-second video that walloped him immediately after the Republican’s presidential campaign launch.

Biden’s account tweeted:

As DeSantis bumbled through his first day as a presidential candidate in what is widely being described as a disaster of a launch, President Biden’s campaign team picked DeSantis apart and needed just a handful of seconds to label him as an extremist who wants to take away the rights of women, cut Social Security and Medicare, and mocked the incompetence of his Twitter presidential campaign launch.

The contest between Trump and DeSantis is a battle between the unhinged and the unready. Biden can sit back and watch the show while defining both of his potential opponents as too extreme for the United States of America.

DeSantis has triggered Trump into talking about his private parts because the bosses at Fox love the Florida governor more than the former president, while at the same time, DeSantis’s campaign quickly became a laughingstock on day one.

President Biden’s team is already in general election form. If Trump ends up in prison and Republicans have to nominate DeSantis, things could get very ugly quickly for the Republican Party.


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