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1/6 Insurrectionist Who Sat At Pelosi’s Desk Gets 54 Months In Prison

Richard Barnett, the 1/6 insurrectionist who posted pictures of himself sitting at Speaker Pelosi’s desk has been sentenced to four and half years in prison.

The details:

Barnett was convicted of all of the usual 1/6 terrorist charges including entry into the Capitol, obstruction of a government proceeding, and theft of government property for stealing an item from then-Speaker Pelosi’s desk.

Barnett also encouraged other people to enter the Capitol and claimed that they were at war with the United States government.

Richard Barnett became a bit of a far-right celebrity and had even been interviewed on Russian state TV.

Federal charges could soon be coming against Donald Trump, so to see some of the higher profile defendants that he inspired and incited to attack the Capitol being sent to prison carries a level of satisfaction for many Americans.

Trump has his own criminal legal issues, but it is a safe bet that Richard Barnett will do more time in prison than Donald Trump.

The wheels of justice do turn slowly, but they are coming for those who tried to attack the United States of America.

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