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What Are Aldi’s 2023 Memorial Day Hours? — Aldi’s Holiday Hours

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When it comes to discount grocery chains Aldi operates in a lane of its own. Prioritizing efficiency and savings above everything else, the German-owned grocer not only offers a shopping experience that caters to their customers’ pocket books, but delivers high-quality food items for much less. With that in mind, it would make total sense to question: Will Aldi be open on Memorial Day?

If you’ve ever shopped at Aldi, you know that the company’s customer service is top-tier. Along with the savings offered, Aldi backs up its food quality claims with an ironclad return policy. Purchasing a unsatisfactory product not only warrants you a refund, but you will also be able to exchange it for another product on top of the refund. Even their hours of operation prioritize limiting waste by not being open for more than 12 hours a day, and keeping employee hires to a minimum. Additionally, customers are expected to corral their own shopping carts and even need to pay a quarter just to rent the cart in the first place (which you get back upon returning the cart when finished shopping).

So, when a grocery store operates under such strict parameters, it makes you wonder what their holiday hours will look like. And with the upcoming Memorial Day weekend upon us, everyone is in a mad dash to acquire everything they need for the weekend festivities. So, can we rely on Aldi to be open for all of our holiday weekend shopping needs? 

According to their website, Aldi will be open on Memorial Day (Monday, May 29), but with limited hours, and depending on the store location. Aldi will, however, be open for regular store hours on the Saturday (May 27)  and Sunday (May 28) leading up to the holiday, giving you the chance to prepare for the big day and get your shopping done early. Using the store locator feature on the Aldi site, however, you can reach out to your local Aldi to find out the specific hours of operation per location — just in case you find yourself needing some last-minute groceries on Monday. 

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