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This Costco Food Court Item Just Returned — and It Comes with a Major Upgrade

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Costco shoppers have one more thing to celebrate as it appears that another fan-favorite item is returning to the food court menu. As a result of the pandemic, several popular food court items were discontinued in an attempt to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. But now that restrictions are toning down, Costco has been dropping hints that things in the food court are finally returning back to normal.

The menu item was first spotted at the Cranberry, Pennsylvania location but with a slight jump in price from $3.99 to $6.99. If the price change made you cringe a bit, don’t fret just yet. As it seems, the price of the salad wasn’t the only thing that received a nice bump; the quality of the chicken did, too. The new upgraded salad features pieces of rotisserie chicken breast, while the old favorite was composed of only strips of chicken.

“Employee here, and they made some sample salads for us to try a week ago! They were so good; the chicken was definitely a huge upgrade!!!” one employee/redditor commented.

With no official word yet from Costco HQ as to when the Caesar salad will make a national return, Costco loyalists are excitedly flooding the comment section of the Reddit post with overflowing anticipation, as well as additional questions about what food court item might be returning next. Will it be the frozen yogurt, or the supreme pizza? Can we expect the turkey pesto sandwich? We may not yet know the answers, but if anything is to suddenly pop up, I’m sure a poster on Reddit will be there to inform us.

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