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Steph Curry Is Launching a New Whiskey Brand Soon

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Stephen Curry, aka the “Baby Faced Assassin,” has been dominating the NBA for over 14 years with his impressive range, quick thinking, and unbelievable court vision. The Golden State Warrior point guard has captured the hearts of his fans by not only being an exceptional player, but also by being a likable personality with an extremely admirable work ethic. So, in light of the recent news that Curry is launching his own brand of fine-aged bourbon, it only seems right that the four-time NBA champ was heavily involved in the process from start to finish.

“Celebrations take on many different forms, from intimate gatherings to major milestones, and at the center of each memorable moment is a spirit rooted in history and tradition,” Curry shared in his statement. “I’m proud to have helped carefully craft a signature Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Gentlemen’s Cut. This rich, complex, and bold bourbon is the perfect offering to commemorate life’s great occasions and will be part of a raised-glass toasting moment in the lives of my fans, friends, and family.”

Being the workhorse that he is, Curry was closely involved in the entire process of making the whiskey. The distilling process, which Curry also had a hand in, took place in Boone County, Kentucky, in 500-gallon copper pot stills and included aging for five to seven years in charred new white oak barrels before seeing the packaging process. Through this time, the whiskey acquired notes of cinnamon, seared caramel, and sweet toasted chestnut. Additionally, the 90 proof whiskey — which has a mashbill of 75 percent corn, 21 percent rye, and 4 percent malted barley — was distilled, aged, and bottled entirely by Game Changer Distillery, which sits right on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Each 750-milliliter bottle will retail for $79.99 and could see some retailers pricing at a higher price point due to the celebrity of The Golden Boy himself. Keep your eyes peeled if you’re in hopes of finding a bottle near you. And while you wait, check out these creative uses of bourbon with a bourbon-glazed ham and bourbon-infused butterscotch syrup.

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