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Sam’s Club’s Version of the Popular Bogg Bag Is Nearly Half the Price

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Dupes, dupes, and more dupes! There’s no shame in the dupe game, and players appear to be scoring high. When product demands grow larger than the supply, an opportunity is presented, and a new market emerges. However, it’s not always a supply-chain shortage that enables these markets; sometimes it’s the price of the product.

Earlier this month, I highlighted the Five Below duplicate versions of popular drink tumblers made by Yeti and Stanley. Today though, it’s a duplicate that steps away from the world of drinkware and into the world of fashion.

Popularized by influencers such as @CarrieBerkk on TikTok, the Bogg Bag is touted as being Croc-like tote bag perfect for the day at the pool, beach or — in the case of many of its fans — a day spent grocery shopping. 

The bag’s durable, washable, tip-proof, and sturdy design will give you peace of mind for any adventure. On top of that, each bag can be customizable with the additions of cupholders, phone holders, and an array of personalized gibbets. However, to receive all these features consumers must be ready to pay out of pocket, because the Original Bogg Bag sans accessories has an online price tag of $89.95.

Now if you find the price to be kind of steep, Sam’s Club (you read that right!) has a duplicate for nearly half the price. Their Sport-Brella Beach Tote offers the same durable and washable design, also can dawn an array of gibbets, is available in multiple colors, and will only cost you $49.98 online. If you ask me, this almost seems like a no-brainer. You can get the same practical use and for a lower price? Sounds like a true win-win to me! 

With the demand for this bag being high, supplies being limited, and this dupe practically flying off shelves, you may want to act quickly. After all, who really wants to miss out on a good deal?

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