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Vietnam’s VinFast SUVs recalled because dash display goes blank

No one ever told VinFast that breaking into the automobile market would be easy.

The Vietnam-based manufacturer is issuing a recall of its electric 2023 VF8 VinFast SUVs to remedy a software error in the dashboard display that prevented critical safety information from being shown.

Essentially, the glitch makes the dashboard screen go blank while driving or stationary, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says this “may increase the risk of a crash.” The display is the only screen on the dash, since the vehicle has no traditional cluster of gauges.

VinFast said it was issuing the recall notice out of an “abundance of caution.” The formal recall is here.

VinFast said it first became aware of the dashboard issue on April 27 while reading customer comments and concerns. According to NHTSA, the problem has been documented 18 times. The company has reported that 999 VF8 City Edition vehicles could be affected — but of that number, 735 vehicles are still in the hands of the manufacturer.

VinFast has shipped a total of 2,097 VF8 electric SUVs to the United States, and plans to start shipping vehicles to Europe in July.

The safety agency said VinFast will introduce an over-the-air (OTA) software update that should alleviate the issue. The software fix was scheduled to go live this week.

In February, VinFast recalled 2,781 VF8 cars sold domestically in Vietnam over an issue with the front brakes.


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